How Minimalism Helped Me Find Myself

It almost seems like such a weird thing to say, but pursuing minimalism helped me find myself.

Over the years, I had acquired so many things. Things that society told me I should have. Clothes that other people told me I should own. I even listed to music and watched tv shows that other people told me I should like.

Everything I had was the result of me doing as I was told or trying hard to fit in. I liked and owned things because that’s what I was supposed to do.

Even though I had a closet full of clothes and a house full of stuff, I had no real sense of fashion, no sense of style when it came to decorating my space, and no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

I didn’t know who I was. My friends and the media told me who I was supposed to be, and so I tried to live according to that standard. I lived my life for other people and not for me.

I was lost.

When I started purging all the stuff and clearing out space in my home and mind, things started becoming more clear. From big things right down to the superficial. When I downsized my closet to just the few things I actually loved, I started to see what was important to me, what things I was passionate about.

I started to see more clearly who I really was, and not what other people thought I should be.

My wardrobe and home became a reflection of who I am

When I cleaned out my closet to only a few basic pieces, my personal style started showing itself.

I’d never quite had a good sense of style. Fashion has always been a mystery to me. So often through my early 20s, I’d go shopping with a friend, have them pick out all of the clothes, and I’d just try things on and then buy what they told me looked good.

The result was that I knew how to wear a few outfits, but never really felt like myself.

Update your wardrobe and shop like a minimalist!

Since then, and since I’ve downsized, my wardrobe has become a reflection of who I am, not who I think I should be. The same thing started happening with my home. Once each room was beginning to be cleared out, I was left with only the things I really loved. Just like with my closet, color schemes and decor themes started to make themselves apparent.

And it’s beautiful. Everything just feels so much more like home now, so much more like me.

But in addition to creating a cleaner and more unified look to my home, the purge left me room to actually live my life. To do the things I love. Which meant I needed to actually find out with things I loved to do.

Purging my craft room helped so much with figuring out what I wanted to be doing with my life. Because I was able to really think about and assess what I wanted to spend my time on, I was able to really think about what I liked doing vs what I really loved doing.

Narrowing it down to just a few hobbies really helped give me a defined focus of what I want my life to be about.

Decluttering my thoughts and schedule led to a clear vision of what I wanted out of life

The further I got into minimalism, the more I started to declutter my thoughts and goals. Really take inventory of where my life is going and what things are the most important in my life.

And I was really surprised at the outcome.

My entire view of my life changed. Instead of focusing on living this moment in the here and now, I became focused on living in this moment but in perspective of the bigger picture. I do things for myself not because it feels good right now, but because it’s going to be beneficial for me in the long run.

Being able to intertwine living for now and planning for the future has been a valuable gift. I eat well, I take care of myself. When I feel I need to relax, I relax. I take in every detail of every moment. Because this moment is important.

But these things also push me forward to my future goals. I eat well now so that I can continue to be healthy in the future. My evenings are spent relaxing so that I can be refreshed the next day. I take advantage of living in the moment because I know it will be a memory I’ll cherish down the road. I take chances now to benefit me in the future.

Where minimalism has led me

And all of these changes have led me here. I have never had a more clear and defined view of who I am and where I’m going. And minimalism played a huge part in that. I made space in my life. And I found myself in it. I have a sense of purpose that I didn’t have before. And that purpose is to share this incredible journey with all of you. To actively find ways to make a difference in the world I live in.

Pursing minimalism has given me time and space to pursue this purpose. And it continues to be an incredible blessing in my life. I hope, if you are also where I was, lost and searching for who you are or who you’re meant to be, that you’ll look more into minimalism. I hope you’ll be intentional about creating a space for you to discover yourself. It won’t happen overnight. But it will happen.

Beautiful things happen when you create space in your life.

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  1. I could have written most of this myself. I am in the process of decluttering my life and finding myself, I recently started blogging about it. This was an encouragement to continue creating the life I truly want/need 🙂

    1. I am so glad that this post resonated with you! I hope that decluttering and living more simply helps you find who you are, and I am sure that it will lead you to a life you are absolutely in love with. <3

  2. This article really hit home, I even got a little teary eyed reading it because it so hard. I’m 29, divorced, and living to take care of my parents who have numerous health issues. The constant backlash of society and how they think that “it’s supposed to be” is wearing from day to day, especially when I have little to no time and rely on materials to make me feel good and to try to keep up with the new trends. It becomes overwhelming. Still 29 and not knowing who I am or where I’m going leaves me anxious and depressed. I just recently started studying minimalism and it felt like a breath of fresh air. Thank you again for this article! Very inspirational and informative!

    1. Finding yourself takes time. And it’s so hard when society is constantly telling you who you should be and what you should be doing. I hope your study of minimalism continues to be a source of comfort for you <3 and I hope it allows you to find who you are and exactly what you want in your life!

  3. Thank you it gave me something to think about. I feel so overwhelmed most of the time. Thank you so much for sharing

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