1:1 Life & Mindset Coaching

Life isn't always easy. It's not rainbows and unicorns all the time.

You need someone in your life to encourage and support you, to help you navigate whatever life throws at you, loving you fiercely and showing you how to love yourself the same way.

and that’s where i come in.

I believe with my whole heart and soul that you are good enough. I believe you are everything you need to be. But somewhere along the way you picked up some limiting beliefs, lies about who you are.

You've chosen to believe the lies instead of the truth.

Listen to me when I say: 

You are good enough. 
You are worthy of the life of your dreams.


As your life coach, I will help you with :

  • I will help guide you through identifying your limiting beliefs and together we'll create a plan to help get you past them.
  • Finding who you are beneath your limiting beliefs and discovering who you want to be,
  • We'll work on creating routines and structure to help create balance and peace in your busy life.
  • I will help you declutter your life and home, getting rid of things that no longer serve you--emotionally, mentally, and physically! We'll work together to create space in your life, giving you room to grow and breathe.
  • I'll be your cheerleader, guiding you along your path of personal and spiritual growth.
  • Through our sessions, your confidence in who you are will blossom, allowing you to freely pursue your dreams.
  • I want to help you overcome the fear of what other people think. They do not decide your worth. You are enough, and you get to decide who you are and what you're worthy of.

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Rebecca’s blog, particularly the post on how minimalism helped her find herself, speaks to me!! It changed my thinking entirely. I find myself re reading that post anytime I need to rebalance life. And now, her book is guiding me on the path to my best life!

I can’t recommend her enough!!!!

-- Amanda G.

Rebecca helped me understand that I was DROWNING in my stuff and didn't actually get to enjoy any of it. We have been going through a major decluttering process since then. In fact, we now have enough clear surfaces that I actually DECORATED!! 

There are no words for the amount of joy that has been brought into my life. (And the amount of stress that's gone away with the clutter!)

-- Emily S.

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This is for you if

  • You're struggling to find direction in your life. You know you're meant for something more than what you're doing now, but you're just not sure what that something more actually is.
  • You feel like the life of your dreams is always just out of your reach. You feel helpless in your own life, not knowing how to create the change you're longing for. 
  • You find yourself unhappy with who you are, or you're not even sure about who you are. Finding yourself is so important and I want to help you with that.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter you've acquired. You feel like you're drowning in stuff and your home is no longer a peaceful place for you to rest. 
  • You are ready to make changes and take control over where you life is heading.
  • You are tired of feeling like you're not good enough and are ready to find peace and happiness by putting yourself first and nurturing your relationship with you.
  • You want to take huge steps forward towards living the life of your dreams.

What happens during a coaching call?

  • Your coaching calls are all about you
  • We'll keep things super casual and talk about what you've got going on in your life.
  • During each session, we'll work together to identify your limiting beliefs and create a plan to help you shift your mindset and overcome them.
  • Your coaching calls are a safe place where you can vent and express your emotions. We'll dig deep into the why behind your feelings and then how you can use that knowledge to improve your life.
  • But it's not all just mindset work! Through the sessions, we'll create practical plans and routines for your daily life, helping you find the balance and peace you're craving.
  • We'll spend our time together getting crystal clear about what you want out of life, what your passions are, and who you want to be.
  • Your time with me isn't limited to our 1-hour coaching calls. When you sign up for a coaching package, you'll receive unlimited email support. Having an emergency life crisis? You won't have to wait until our next call to vent or get the advice you need. I'm just an email away.

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Rebecca's casual style and simple strategies for getting the most out of life make you feel like you've got a new best friend – one who actually cares about helping you without stressing you out. 


-- Patty D.

1:1 Life & Mindset Coaching Packages


One Month

Four 1-hour sessions
Two 30-minute mini-sessions


Three Months

Twelve 1-hour sessions
Six 30-minute mini-sessions

Six Months

Twenty-four 1-hour sessions
Twelve 30-minute mini-sessions

  • Each coaching package includes the designated number of 1-hour sessions, the designated number of 30-minute mini-sessions, unlimited email support, as well as additional resources and surprises tailored just for you!
  • Coaching call sessions do not roll over, they expire after the designated time period ends (all four sessions must be used within the one month period; all twelve within the three month period, etc.).
  • When a One Month package is purchased, it begins at the beginning of the next calendar month. All sessions periods begin on the first of the month and run the designated number of calendar months.
  • If you're unsure about whether you'd like to work with me, you may schedule a FREE discovery call. This call lasts about 20 minutes and will give you an idea of what it's like to work with me.
  • Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

Can't wait to get started working with you!
Sending love and light!