About Me


First, the introductions…

Welcome to my blog, Crafting a Simpler Life. I’m Rebecca, a 28-year-old aspiring artist and minimalist living in the upstate of South Carolina. My life is a whirlwind of cats, books, arts & crafts, and making excuses to not leave my house.

I share my home with two cats, Thomas and Emma, a German Shepherd, Axel, and, until very recently, a grumpy old rabbit named Wilson. They are my family and I love them. They help keep my days interesting.

I also have some hobbies…

When I’m not at work or taking care of my fur babies, I can usually be found hiding in my studio working on my art. I enjoy painting, drawing, lettering, anything and everything. If you’d like to take a peek at the things I create, you can view my gallery/shop here.

I also read like there’s no tomorrow. Because my day job gives me unlimited access to all of the books (and I mean all of the books), I really have no reason to not read. And because sometimes a good book is the only vacation I need.

Why I’m here…

I began my journey towards a minimalist life style with what I refer to as the Great Purge of 2015. I jumped right into in and, in about a week, removed 5 car loads of stuff from my home, sold several pieces of furniture, and completely changed my way of thinking. It has been difficult at times, but getting rid of my stuff has been the most positive change I’ve made in my life. It changed things for the better.  And that is what I want to share with all of you: my journey. I want to encourage you to make positive changes in your life, too. Everyone deserves to have a stress-free, fulfilling life.

You can read more about my minimalist journey here. And if you’re interested in starting your own minimalist journey, make sure you grab a copy of the Ultimate Decluttering Checklist!

Get the Ultimate Decluttering Checklist to jumpstart your decluttering process!

And the moment you’ve been waiting for:
pictures of the fluffies…

Wilson the grumpy bunny
Wilson – RIP little buddy
Thomas the cat
Emma the cat
Axel the German Shepherd