6 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated

6 simple ways to stay motivated. How to get motivation. life advice. get things done.

Recently I found myself in a rut. I was getting nothing done. Absolutely nothing. My house became a disaster area, my pile of to-do lists went untouched, and I spent most of my time staring at Netflix for hours… Not actually watching anything, though. It takes me half of forever to actually find something I want […]

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How Minimalism Helped Me Find Myself

how minimalism helped me find myself.

It almostĀ seems like such a weird thing to say, but pursuing minimalism helped me find myself. Over the years, I had acquired so many things. Things that society told me I should have. Clothes that other people told meĀ I should own. I even listed to music and watched tv shows that other people told me […]

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